If Love was a Like Button

No matter how much education we’ve had, no matter how intelligent, successful, beautiful, powerful and talented we are… the one thing the most brilliant of us remain absolutely inept at is…


The conundrum of love begins with an acute bout of OCD as we repetitively ask ourselves, ‘does he/she like me?’… when it comes to attraction, within the animal kingdom, peacocks spread their feathers, simians beat on their chests… and humans… uh, they… well… you know…smile and… do that thing where- you know… yeah, when they…you know?

Alas, there is a solution to the confusion.

An anatomical ‘Like’ button.

I find the digital less than eloquent. With z attempt 2 compact emotions in 2 symbols & the flirtatious perversion of punctuation, such as the semi-colon/open parenthesis ‘smiley wink’, romance is far from being a Bogart/Hepburn film.

However, having said that, if we had an anatomic “Like” button, the wondering would be over. The human species would circumvent the whole “well, he did hang around me all night”, “but, she laughed at all my jokes”, “and he took my number”, “she asked if that was my girlfriend” pre-hooking up debacle.

Moreover, the most advantageous feature of that anatomical ‘Like’ button would be that, just as you can see how many ‘Likes’ you get on facebook, you’d know how many people are into you too.. we’d have a lot more confidence in our instincts and most likely be more comfortable in our own skin. We’d know our worth and value ourselves…

Then again, if no one clicked our anatomical ‘Like’ button, it may confirm the dark things we already believe about ourselves.

Yet, chances are, that won’t happen. Even our worst facebook posts get one ‘Like’. Seldom do you find yourself not attracting a smile or a giggle from at least a few facebook friends. They may not be the ones you hoped would click ‘Like’, but put enough posts out there and one day, and the one you hoped would click, eventually does.

We may be billions of years (or even 50) away from evolving into having anatomical ‘Like’ buttons. Until then, well… just keep posting yourself out there. Since we do have fingers, who knows? You might actually get ‘Poked’…

And by someone you actually want to ‘Poke’ back.


3 thoughts on “If Love was a Like Button

  1. visitingmissouri

    You do realize most young girls of Facebook already live this. Whenever we see a nonsense post (‘Just went grocery shopping. I got cereal. lol.’) with three men liking it, we all know what’s going on.


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