Gettin’ Wiki with It

Knowledge was perhaps the most valuable commodity in the world.

Enter Wikipedia.

Which, thanks to the online ‘encyclopedia’ site, now trades cheaper than the Burmese Kyat.

The oxy(moron) being of course, that as an online reference/encyclopedia, anyone can write the ‘facts’. Such a concept is not only an affront to PhDs, experts and academicians throughout the world, but the ‘facts’ written may one day achieve validity within society, permeating its way into the intelligencia or even Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy…

Alex Trebbek: ‘Alright, Sheila, the category, “Kings and Queens”… for $100, he is a King of the Hill of biblical proportions.”

Sheila: “Who is Solomon?”

Trebbek: “Oh… I’m sorry, Sheila… the answer is Who is Hank Hill… Hank…Hill.”

Sheila: “Uh…na-uh.”

Trebbek: “Judges?” (collaborative pause) “Well, Sheila, they re-checked it on Wikipedia. The answer is Hank Hill… Hank…Hill.”

This snippet scenario isn’t too farfetched when you really consider some of the inanity on Wikipedia:

For instance, when Sarah Palin did a bus tour in 2011, she said that Paul Revere rode through town and ‘was warning the British’. When Palin refused to recognize the factual faux paux (since Paul Revere rode through to warn that the British were coming), her supporters rewrote Paul Revere history on Wikipedia and altered the story in order to prove that she wasn’t an idiot.

(Much to the dismay earlier on in her career of her seeing Russia from her igloo, that was a battle her supporters had lost before they even logged on to Wikipedia).

Another example- Hemingway’s “Death in the Afternoon” was reported by Wikipedia to be ‘a non-fiction book by Ernest Hemingway about the ceremony and traditions of Spanish whores.’ Putting aside the preciseness of academic terminology in reference to ‘whore’, Death in the Afternoon is actually a book centered around Spanish bull-fighting.

The best, though, has to be the well-respected professor of religion who edited thousands of entries on Wikipedia and was made an arbitrator by the site, to be later hired by Wiki Inc.- which should give the online encyclopedia greater credibility…

Except that he turned out to be a 24 year old college drop out.

For those who don’t know, the etymology of ‘Wiki’ is Hawaiian for ‘quick’, while the Wiki Wiki Bus Company provides the Honolulu International Airport shuttle bus service.

How do I know? I looked it up on Wikipedia. Duh…


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