Reblogging Your Own Blog… Why Not Just Redial the Guy Not Answering You?

An audience is not a nation. You cannot enforce their viewership.

I noticed one of the options included among all the clickable thingys at the end of my WordPress post is ‘Reblog’.

Now, it is possible, in all my Internet/blogging/onine ignorance, that I have perhaps misunderstood the purpose of the Reblog button. But if part of its purpose is to reblog what I initially blogged, am I the desperate chick who calls up a guy who didn’t bother answering, only to ‘make sure’ he saw my missed call by following up with 16 more phone calls, 31 messages and a dozen BBMs?

We write blogs because we are creative, not because we are hungry for attention.

(I know, I just reread that too and even I’m laughing my tooshy off).

Okay, so we bloggers are human. We want to feel our blogs are worthy of attention, ergo we are worthy of attention. We do appreciate the positive strokes, and even in negative comments, the fact a few minutes of time was given to our blog is a few minutes more attention to the recognition of our self-expression.

Having said that, there’s a fine line between hoping for some traffic and reactions to your writings and blog-stalking people.

The former is Clarisse. The latter… kinda comes off as Hannibal Lechter.

So, once we blog, it is out there. What happens to it out there, well, that’s up to whatever Power you believe in or the laws of Internet Quantum Physics that you espouse. No matter how funny, interesting or amazing you know your writing is (and this, you must believe always because that confidence or lack of will come through in your writing), you got to let it be amazing on its own…

Share. Spread. Let it loose.

Press it once, but don’t pimp it.


11 thoughts on “Reblogging Your Own Blog… Why Not Just Redial the Guy Not Answering You?

  1. Scintillatebrightly

    I actually think that button is there for other bloggers so they can reblog your post. It would be interesting to see if you can do it too, especially because the reblog option comes up in several different areas for bloggers.

  2. thecheekydiva

    I almost reblogged myself yesterday. I wrote a post for a new challenge from one of my favorite bloggers, Edward Hostpur. He has started something called Romantic Monday. I wrote (what I thought) was a great piece. After hitting publish, and not seeing it anywhere in the reader with the tags I had given it, I finally noticed that the publish date was set as last Friday, when I actually started writing the piece. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, It only seems to happen when I write something that means a lot to me, or it’s something I really want to be read–just like the one I wrote yesterday. I remarked it as a draft, and changed the publish date and time, but to no avail. I have heard according to blogetiquette, you are not supposed to republish old posts or re-blog yourself, but in a case like this, where something you have worked very hard on is buried under 3 days of stories, what do you do? I couldn’t find an answer to my question in support or forums. What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?

    Thanks for the thought provoking post by the way, and congrats on your recent Freshly Pressing.

    1. ladygodiva2012 Post author

      Well, thecheekydiva (great handle, btw), this is not a blatant attempt for attention. I say if you worked hard and it became the victim of technological mishaps, go forth and reblog! 😉

      1. thecheekydiva

        Since this is a weekly thing, and since this was the first chapter in a longer story, I was really hoping to have a fair amount of people read it. And some did, but I think most of them found it through Edward Hotspurs page, as he linked to all participants–thank you Edward. (He submitted a beautiful poem by the way). I think this is a really great multi-blogger event, and I hope that a lot of people read and participate. Thanks for replying to my comment. Here’s my story–read it if you have time. I won’t reblog, but I think I will set the publish date and time before I hit publish to make sure it shows up when I want it to.

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  4. marsha4852

    Hi, I found your blog from Hake’s Virtual Cafe where you are on her list for related topics.

    I agree with another person that I think the reblog feature is there for others to repost your post as I’ve done that before with blogs I particularly like. I do have more than one blog and I may be able to put a post on different ones, but I can’t remember on that for sure.

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  6. Kari Ryerson

    I found your post while searching for a way to reblog my own post. I have 2 blogs, one is connected to my professional website and the other is for my more creative adventures. I think there are cases where reblogging your own post is acceptable but it is there for other people to post to their pages. I think it is a wonderful feature. I am a visual artist so very often someone already said it n words better than I ever could.
    Love your ‘voice;. You earned a reader!

  7. philsblog01

    You might have a situation where you were not connected to g+ or fb and now you are so this would be an original post to those social networks.


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