In Red Snappers, Veritas…

Today, I danced until my soul collapsed…

A few Red Snappers later, I found the truth lingering between the music and my mindset…

As difficult as life is, it is easily lived.

As much as life does not give us what we want, life gives us what we deserve, based on our intentions, not our actions…

As much as life tests us, it never fails us, for it won’t give up on its students…

As much as life makes us choose our fate, no matter how bad the choices, life will protect our destiny…

No matter how consequential our decisions, life is not decisive in our ending.

Because it never ends.

It finishes, but our story goes on, the saga has many sequels and the moral of those stories multiplies to include every reason of our etre and every desire our souls pray for.

Do not let go of what you believe, do not settle for substitutes.

If you believe it, then you have given it it a soul and thus it breathes, and it is a reality.

And as does every child finds his or her mother and father, it will find you.

Just wait.

And you will be.


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