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Dear Me-at-Menopause-20-Years-From-now


You haven’t changed a bit- you look just like you did at 38.

Be sure and thank Dr. 90210. He did a great job.

The whole hot flashes thing passed. Your ovaries dried up- but, hey… at least your cash didn’t, right?

I told you a long time ago that you had to fuck it all up and self-destroy to self-build; not just once in your life- you do it several times over. What you were had to die in order to make room for who you were going to be.

Thus, it follows, the same will happen over the next 20 years.

But you are prepared for it, as you well know it is not what happens to you that makes or breaks you, but your perception of it that does. ‘Bad’ does not exist, in as much as ‘good’ doesn’t- these are the figments of our biggest illusion, the mind. There is only reality and truth.

Reality, being that which is physically observable.
Truth, being what is spiritually observable.

You’ve kept your eyes open, having had the intelligence to observe the reality of all that is around you.
You’ve kept your soul open, so by now, you’ve been blessed to observe the truth that binds all which is around you.

And through it all, you’ve passionately lived each moment, as you never forgot to keep your heart open.

You’ve grown to appreciate the wisdom you’ve received as a result- you know that reality is transient and constantly changes… leaves will grow, turn a vivid emerald green and wither into a curled skeleton of drabness…

20 year olds will have the vitality to do the things they can’t at 70, yet 70 year olds will have the wisdom to do those things better than at 20…

Winter drifts into spring, spring extroverts into summer and summer falls, well, into fall.

Truth, though, is what is constant. And this is why you have made that your foundation. You may have moved from one reality to the next, but truth…

Is your inertia.

Regardless of time and space in which your current reality is, truth is the law of human physics that propels or impedes your ability to keeping moving through that reality.

It is because of all of the above, that you have triumphed over your weaker self… as there is no battle, nor any enemy, greater than that which challenges you from within…

It is because of all of the above that you have destroyed what you knew to relearn new ways… as by changing patterns of thought, you have found nothing strange, and everything comfortably familiar…

It is because of all of the above that you’ve decided who you are… as the importance of that does not lie in awards, promotions or career titles.

It lies in no domain but your own.

And hey-

If Madonna is still wearing a cone bra (a little lower granted),
If Mark Zuckerberg is still changing facebook to be (air quotes) more user friendly (air quotes),
If Apple can invent the iGasm for women,
If Israel and Iran are now allied against the United States,
And Matt LeBlanc finally got at least 1 more than 2 seasons before a sitcom of his tanks…

Rest assured.
It so isn’t over.
You still have a lot to do.
Keep it real.
Make it true.


Dear 14 Year Old Me, I Won’t Tell You…

Dear Me-at-Fourteen,

I won’t tell you that what you really want to do is kill the guilt you carry, not yourself. I won’t tell you the standards you think you fail to live up to, in truth, fail to live up to you.

I won’t tell you, if you knew who you were going to be, you’d get that.

I won’t tell you not to be frightened that you won’t be loved, nor that you should relax because it will all be okay. I won’t tell you that what people think of you doesn’t matter, or that the reality is, how you think of yourself is inevitably how people think of you.

I won’t tell you, you’re better than good enough, you’re not ugly, that you are incredibly determined and can do anything you put your mind to.

I won’t tell you that as much as you are your worst enemy, you are your greatest ally.

I won’t tell you to let go of everything, as that is when it all comes to you. I won’t tell you that ‘want’ is heroin- addictive, escapism and lethal to your soul.

That with getting what you ‘want’, it usually turns out to bring with it the most unwanted results.

I won’t tell you that once you accept the mind is the biggest false thought you’ve created that nothing, abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING, owns you or scares you- because fear isn’t real, it is a sub-fictional byproduct of that monstrous creation, the mind.

I won’t tell you that when you feed off of love, not fear, you will seek to understand things and people, rather than judge them; you will see that ugly isn’t anything but the strangest and rarest of beauty; you will see that the duality of ‘good/bad’, ‘worthy/unworthy’, success/failure and the likes don’t exist. That just like the dark is the absence of light, evil is the absence of good- the truth isn’t divided, it is eclipsed by the absence of the truthful.

I won’t tell you that you are angry because you believe in God too much, but believe too little in yourself. I won’t tell you faith is one part of the total equation- as much as your overall destiny may be powered by a Universal Energy, the path you choose to walk down is totally a choice of free will.

I won’t tell you that you are not supposed to follow the path that ‘normal’ people do, I won’t tell you that normal isn’t anything more than what we’re used to, a habit at best.

I won’t tell you that you will never stop making mistakes, and that those mistakes are what wake you up from deviating from your path. I won’t tell you that the reason you haven’t found your ‘other half’ is because you are a whole person already and whoever you do find needs to be more in love with life than with you.

Because that is the secret to staying together. To love life more than you love one another. You’ll never stop having things to share or experiences that bring you together.

And the only reason I am not going to tell you any of these things, is because if I did, you would not struggle and go through all you must go through in order to arrive to where you are today.

Don’t change.
Fuck it up.
Shit all over what’s in front of you now.

I promise you, it’s not indicative of the doom of your destiny. It is the process chiseling your marble soul. It has to hurt.

But when you stand back, and see the sculpture, just you wait. You’ll be proud of what you’ve shaped and found underneath all that unnecessary excess marble.

Merry Karma Karma Chameleon!

Karma is a not a bitch. Karma is THE bitch.

And thus, my friends, let us raise our glasses and toast her on this very holy holiday, Karma Karma Chameleon…

Let us rejoice that the underdog never remains under, but rises to become topdog…

Let us remember that revenge, like a Tiffany’s wedding band, can only come in full circle.

Let us pour water over our burning bellys, inflamed by the unfair, the greedy and the self-centered.

Cause, you just know, Karma is gonna get






Whether you believe or don’t karma does exist- in fact, is even proven via one of the most prevalent laws of physics:

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

And in all the omnipotence we believe ourselves to possess- the power that advertising, the entertainment industry and the media world at large have eluded us to believe we have- to date, no man nor woman, in all human history has won the struggle for power when it comes to Karma.

Baby, even Superman dares not to fly in her face.

Let this also be a day that reminds us, out of kind acts come compassionate awards… the consideration for the other is the consideration for the ‘me’… from honing our intentions towards the good, comes the sharpened sword that defends us from the bad.

You can get what you want without having to take it away from someone else…

And if that person took it away from you, be certain, not just in the fact that it will be taken away from him, but in your hands will be placed something you may not have wanted, but will want once you experience it.

Those who don’t believe this is the truth have yet to experience Karma’s grace. Those who believe this is the truth have definitely experienced Karma’s wrath. As kind as she is, is as nasty as she is- yet her nastiness is motivated by kindness. For she is all of us, and we are all her limbs and eyes and mouth and body. She is not an ‘I’ in as much as neither are any of us.

To Karma.
THE Bitch.
Let us raise our glasses…