Merry Karma Karma Chameleon!

Karma is a not a bitch. Karma is THE bitch.

And thus, my friends, let us raise our glasses and toast her on this very holy holiday, Karma Karma Chameleon…

Let us rejoice that the underdog never remains under, but rises to become topdog…

Let us remember that revenge, like a Tiffany’s wedding band, can only come in full circle.

Let us pour water over our burning bellys, inflamed by the unfair, the greedy and the self-centered.

Cause, you just know, Karma is gonna get






Whether you believe or don’t karma does exist- in fact, is even proven via one of the most prevalent laws of physics:

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

And in all the omnipotence we believe ourselves to possess- the power that advertising, the entertainment industry and the media world at large have eluded us to believe we have- to date, no man nor woman, in all human history has won the struggle for power when it comes to Karma.

Baby, even Superman dares not to fly in her face.

Let this also be a day that reminds us, out of kind acts come compassionate awards… the consideration for the other is the consideration for the ‘me’… from honing our intentions towards the good, comes the sharpened sword that defends us from the bad.

You can get what you want without having to take it away from someone else…

And if that person took it away from you, be certain, not just in the fact that it will be taken away from him, but in your hands will be placed something you may not have wanted, but will want once you experience it.

Those who don’t believe this is the truth have yet to experience Karma’s grace. Those who believe this is the truth have definitely experienced Karma’s wrath. As kind as she is, is as nasty as she is- yet her nastiness is motivated by kindness. For she is all of us, and we are all her limbs and eyes and mouth and body. She is not an ‘I’ in as much as neither are any of us.

To Karma.
THE Bitch.
Let us raise our glasses…


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