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Go to Hell—But Only if You Want To…

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Image from Tasso Art

“WHAT? It’s MY choice?”

“Correct. Your choice. 100%.”

“But you guys always made it sound like it wasn’t our choice at all.”

“That wasn’t us, it was you. Media began a long ass time before TV and radio came along.

“From stone tablets, to papyrus scrolls, you guys have a history of spinning some really unbelievable stories.”

“I’m confused. I get to choose to whether I want to be reincarnated or to go to Heaven or to go to Hell?”


“So the whole ‘good people go to Heaven, bad people go to Hell’ thing isn’t real?”

“People aren’t good or bad. People are simply people.”

“I’m sorry. This isn’t making any sense to me.”

“He created you, and put in you all those qualities that drive you guys to make dumb-ass decisions. So, He’s not that shocked when you guys follow through on your dumb-ass decisions.”

“Good and bad don’t exist then?”

“I didn’t say that. I said there are no good and bad people. There are, however, good and bad intentions.

“And, almost every soul ever created, has at least ONE good intention that is so awesome, it cancels out any other bad intentions they’ve acted on.”


“You, like almost everybody, have one ‘greatest good’, which determines your final judgment.”

“But that would mean we all end up going to heaven.”

“Only those who choose to go to Heaven.”

“It would also mean that no one really goes to hell.”

“Not unless they want to.”

“Who WANTS to go to hell?”

“I’ll explain that later. But first, let’s focus on the ‘greatest good’ thing.”

Dying, apparently, is a pretty exhaustive process. With all that was left of me, I tried to remember what my ‘greatest good’ was, but to no avail.

“And… there it is.”

“There what is?”

“You trying to figure out your ‘greatest good’. As soon as anyone finds out the ‘greatest good’ thing, they always… ALWAYS… ALWAYS wonder what theirs is and then—”

“Oh, oh! Hold on! But of course!

“The summer I participated in Habitat for Humanity! Who would have thought that little decision would go such a long way, right?”

“Uh, yeah. But no.”

“Wait! Wait! Oh! It was that donation I made to Save the Children! I mean, it was a pretty generous donation—so that’s gotta be it.”

“Nope. The size of your donation doesn’t determine the size of its goodness.”

“Summer of ’92! Joining the Boys & Girls Club as a Big Sister! HA!”

“You still don’t get it—I said ‘greatest good’ intended.

“If you remember, the Habitat for Humanity gig was a choice you made with pretty selfish intentions. You were crushing on a guy, and decided to go once you found out he was going.

“The Save the Children donation you made was really intended as a tax deduction.

“And, you were a Big Sister so you’d have a community activity to include on your college application.”

“I give up.”

The Angel started to snicker.

“Death ends you humans being able to eat, drink and breath—but it still doesn’t totally kill your Egos, does it?

“In stead of assuming to know the answer, ever think about asking me what you ‘greatest good’ was???”

“Angels are way more sarcastic than they’re portrayed on earth.”

“Part of humanity’s story spinning, my friend, part of the spinning.”

“God Damn it! Just tell me!”

Crap. This is probably a really bad time to use the Lord’s name in vain.

“Relax. He always cuts the newbies some slack. I think He even finds it a bit amusing.”

Collecting what I can only assume are my atoms, I recomposed myself and calmly asked again. “Please, do tell, what is my ‘greatest good’?”

The Angel pulled out a glass orb. Within seconds, it was emanating a glowing light so glorious, it lit up the entire sky.

I drew closer to the orb, concentrating on its yellow-pink incandescence.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for you to show me my ‘greatest good’.”

The Angel snorted with laughter.

“You think I’m going to replay your ‘greatest good’ in this is crystal ball?

“Hate to disappoint, but it’s just a lamp… ya know, being that it’s getting darker and almost nighttime now.”

“WOW. Angels are really not that nice at all.”

“Com’on, learn to laugh at yourself a little! Death is so much more laid back. Enjoy it!”

“Can we please get back to my ‘greatest good’?

“Right! So, one day, you were running late to an important meeting. You were stuck in one of the worst traffic jams evah. I mean it was lock down, bumper-to-bumper-to-bumper CRAY CRAY traffic!

“As soon as it started to loosen up, you had a clear left you could have taken, which would have given you access to a less congested route.

“Just before you were about to turn left, you saw a poor woman in the street, exhausted, walking with her child. The little girl, who was very thirsty, kept trying to suck out the last few drops of water from a bottle she was holding.

“I don’t know why, or exactly what it was, but in seeing this woman and child, a sincere, deep and genuine sense of compassion overcame you.

“So you parked your car on the side of the road—and although the meeting you were going to was super important, you didn’t give it a second thought.

“You ran to a kiosk, grabbed a few sandwiches and bottles of water, crossed the street, and gave them to the woman and the child.

“You then pulled out 100 LE, handing it to the woman. As you gave her the money, you also intended in your heart for it to be a charitable donation in the memory of your deceased father.”

Myth number two: Besides the whole ‘good people go to Heaven’ bullshit, it also isn’t true that when you die, your entire life ‘flashes before of you’.

I remember certain people, certain events, a few milestone moments, but in no way could I remember the incident of which the Angel just spoke.

“I’m sorry. But I don’t even recall that.”

The Angel laughed, but this time, with great kindness.

“That’s because you guys remember what you think is important and meaningful. But you guys never give a thought to what is actually important and meaningful.

“And compassion—that emotion of selflessness, that sentiment which enables you to step outside of yourself and connect with the world, with others and by default with Him—well, its one of the two most meaningful intentions a person can act on.”

“And that’s my ‘greatest good’? Really?”

“Of course, you’re disappointed. You humans, you just love your Hollywood endings—those stoic, heroic acts of sainthood.

“Well, my friend, there’s not a person in history whose ‘greatest good’ was on that grand a scale.”

“Uh, he-llo? Ghandi?? Passive resistance movement? Dying for his cause?”

“I’m not usually allowed to share the details of other cases—it kinda goes against the whole Angel-dead person confidentiality thing.

“But, I can tell you this: throughout Ghandi’s quest, in his heart, he was a wee bit too proud of himself.”

“Ghandi? REALLY?”

“Look, I’ve already said too much. The point is, until today, no one, and I mean literally no one has ever achieved his or her ‘greatest good’ in a big way.”

“Jesus? Moses? Buddah?”

“Not gonna lie—closest ones to it. But, still… a tinge of glory-seeking there.”

“Mother Teresa? Dedicating her life to the poor?”

“Yeah, her intentions are messed up on so many levels, I can’t even begin.”

“So, because I stopped for this woman, fed her and her kid, gave them some money, everything bad I ever did in my ENTIRE LIFE, is—whoosh! Completely voided?”


“What about the, like, 50 times I shoplifted as a teenager?”


“The gazillion times I’ve lied to people I love?”


Cheating on my husband with my boss?”

“Stupid. Really stupid. But, yes, voided.”

The five times after my boss that I cheated on my husband?!!”

“Nasty. Low. SHAMEFUL. Horrible. Incredibly dishonest.”


“Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just implement them.”

“I’ve stolen, lied and cheated. I’ve screwed up my marriage, back-stabbed friends, and just in case you don’t remember, hurt my family and friends so much, that NO ONE showed up at my funeral.”

“I didn’t say you were a wonderful person. But remember, it’s not a numbers game.”

“What about others who have done some really, really, really bad things, like KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE? This makes NO SENSE AT ALL!”

“Relax. Chill out.

“If you remember, I said that almost everyone has a ‘greatest good’, which voids anything bad they’ve done.

“I also said that compassion was one of the two most meaningful intentions a person can act on. The other one being, forgiveness.”

“I’m sorry, but who forgives Hitler? Idi Amin? That Pharaoh who killed ALL THE BABIES?”

“Yeah, you mortals are actually pretty impressive when it comes to compassion—forgiveness, not so much. The funny thing is, when you guys die, you are SUPER forgiving.

“I don’t why, I just know that, everyone who’s died, up until today, has, independently, decided to forgive anyone who’s wronged him or her.”

“You’re telling me that allllllllll those killers, rapists, terrorists, tyrants, dictators, child molesters, MONSTERS, are…”

“Forgiven. Yes. Everyone.

“When you guys forgive these people, He does too. But only if you have—and like I said, every single victim wants to forgive these criminals when they get here.”

This is utterly ridiculous! Where the fuck am I? Is this a joke?

“I’ve lived my life, if not feeling guilty for the bad things I’ve done, at least knowing I SHOULD feel guilt for them!

“Now you’re telling me, ‘hey, doesn’t matter what you do—forget the Ten Commandments! Forget the whole ‘right to life, liberty and happiness’!

“Anyone and everyone GETS AWAY WITH ANYTHING!”

The Angel started laughing again. For what seemed like eons, the Angel continued to cackle. If I knew where to storm off to, I would have run out on the Angel.

“THEY REALLY SPUN THAT STORY GOOD! You guys fell for it hook, line and sinker! Let go… let GO of everything you were brainwashed to believe.

“The real question you need to ask is this:

What is the point of it all?”

I had spent my entire life asking myself that question—frustrated, angry and resentful, I kept asking it, knowing I could never get the real answer.

Yet, in a place and at a time where someone who knew the answer could give it to me, I didn’t once think about asking it.

“Well, what is the point?”

“The first point—as corny and cheesy as it may seem—is love.

“You guys never got that as mortals, because you really hadn’t experienced love in its purest form.

“When you’re alive, your ability to love is tainted. Even the kindest, most generous and selfless of you cannot experience love in its purest form.

“Because even when you are kind, generous and selfless, you inevitably feel good about… well… yourself. In essence, every selfless act in life is a selfish endeavor.

“Your kindness, generosity and selflessness, ultimately, are always tainted by a selfish pride and the pleasure of ‘being a good person’.

“Like splatters of ink on a white dress, these stains of vanity might be small, but still… the dress ends up being ruined.

“Once in a lifetime though, for a split Nano of a Nano of a Nano second, you guys experience a glimpse of unabated compassion or forgiveness. And that moment always becomes your ‘greatest good’.

“When you die, you are disencumbered by the stories you’ve spun, and begin to feel love in its purest form. So you willing exercise complete compassion and unconditional forgiveness.

“Bringing us to the second point of it all—freewill.

“From the beginning, you guys had the will to create and be what you aspired to. Even when it came to Him—He is who you wanted Him to be.

“Some of you turned Him into a human and put Him on a cross. Others didn’t believe He was human, but might as well have, since they ended up personifying Him as angry, jealous, vengeful and punishing.

“Truth is, He never punished anyone—He only defended the rights of people who willed to believe He would defend their rights.

“I promise you—if ONE victim of the BILLIONS that were wronged at the hands of ANY criminal, didn’t will to forgive those criminals, then He wouldn’t forgive them either.

“But, out of love in its purist form and your own free will, you guys end up forgiving. All of you—every single one of you people.”

“What about those who lost children, got illnesses like cancer, people who SUFFERED?”

“Let me ask you this: what did I tell you your ‘greatest good’ was?

“Stopping for the poor woman and her child.”

“No—I said it was the compassion you had for them, which then triggered you to stop for them.”

“I don’t get it.”

“There’s no doubt He could have created a world sans suffering.

“If life was all peaches and plums, you guys would experience non-stop happiness—but, not much else. In such a perfect world, compassion and forgiveness wouldn’t need to be experienced.

“Suffering and the witnessing of suffering are the only reason you guys feel compassion and forgiveness. And compassion and forgiveness are the only means for you to connect to one another and to Him.

“Happiness is a selfish pleasure—sure, it can foster gratitude, but inevitably, you guys take that happiness for granted and stop being grateful.”

It was such an inane explanation, that it made total sense.

“But if it’s this simple, why the hell was it made to be so complicated on earth?”

“Ah—that brings us back to your earlier question. Remember when you asked me, ‘who wants to go to hell’?”

“Oh, yes! Forgot about that question!”

“The simplest and most meaningful intentions known to man—compassion and forgiveness—are ALWAYS complicated by guilt and shame.

“So rather than overcome these two, you guys spin stories around them—and they are some fucked up stories with some serious complications. The deeper the guilt and shame get, the crazier your stories become.

“What’s interesting is that—even after death, you guys find it hard to let go of the guilt and shame that you feel. Mostly because, you don’t want to.

“That’s why you opt to be reincarnated or you opt to go to Hell. And He sends you where you want to go—no questions asked, it’s all up to you, honey bunny.”

“Listen, I get that you’re an Angel and everything, and that you have all the answers—but I think you need to Google the facts of your story again. It’s not gellin’ together.”

“Okay—on earth, don’t some people decide to see the ‘up side’ of life, while others seem to always assume the worst?”


“Following that logic, wouldn’t that mean that some decide to create their own Heaven, and some decide to create their own Hell?”

“Uh… I suppose.

“And why do you think some will a Heaven for themselves, while others will a Hell?”

“Uh… because… because…”

“Guilt and shame.

“Those who have freed themselves of guilt and shame are able to will a Heaven. Those who haven’t freed themselves, will a Hell.

“Or, if they don’t will a Hell, they will a new identity for themselves—seeking to be someone other than who they are.”

“Holy shit! HOLY SHIT! This is EPIC!”

“And, because you guys don’t want to let go of your guilt and shame, you spin stories about how He’ll relieve you of that guilt and shame once you die.

“Your idiotic stories even boast about Him rewarding you for your guilt and shame!

“Yet, even when you get here and find out what the point of it all is, rather than bask in the beauty of it, rather than feel joy and happiness, rather than sing and dance, you guys feel even more guilt and shame.

“Some, so much so, that they choose to go to Hell.

“Some, a little less so—and those ones ask for a ‘redo’. Hence, they are reincarnated.”

“And the ones who let go of the guilt and shame, they choose to go to Heaven?”

“Sadly, my friend, to date, no one who’s come here has let go of their guilt and shame.”

“Wait—that would mean no one’s ever gone to Heaven.”

“Correction—no one has ever chosen to go to Heaven.”

“Jesus? Buddah? Moses?”

“Moses was a bit hard on himself— it took a while to persuade him to at least choose reincarnation.”

This left me in quite a pickle. If people like Moses didn’t even think they were worthy of Heaven, who was I to choose to go there?

I don’t want to go to Hell, but then again, I sort of feel it’s where I belong.

Damn, the Angel is right, shaking off the guilt and shame ain’t easy.

“And… there it is.”

“There what is?”

“You trying to decide where you want to go—stop comparing yourself to other ‘good people’. I told you, there are no good or bad people—which means that no one can really be better than anyone else.”


“But nothing! Listen, my job isn’t to decide for you where you should go. My job is to tell you all the facts, so you can make an informed decision. For ONCE, one of you guys, PLEASE, just accept the facts as they are!”

“Can I at least think about it?”

“What’s there to think about?! You don’t need to think! You need to let go of the guilt and shame!”

“I can’t! I can’t!”

“You CAN! You just don’t WANT TO!”

“Stop yelling at me!”

The Angel brought his tone down to a frustrated whisper. “I’m not yelling, I am pleading with you—there’s no need for your guilt and shame. So, please just decide to let go of them.”

“If you tell me how, I will.”

“Okay. Step one: let them go. Step Two: let them go. Step three—”

“I know, let them go!”

“No—step three is: make a decision!”

Pausing, I concentrated as I had never concentrated before. In the stillness of all that what was—an existence, a consciousness, HIM—I tried to let go.

I attempted to release my guilt and shame… to relinquish myself of their weight…

I really, really tried.

“And… there it is.”

The Angel let out a melodious sigh, “Well then, Ready?”

“Yes. Really ready.”

“Then, my friend, let’s go.”



Karma Chameleon


What’s ‘Likes’ Got to Do, Got to Do with It?

You just moved into a new neighborhood, and really want to get to know your neighbors. Suddenly, you get a brilliant idea! Sprinting downstairs, to the entrance of your building, you tack a sign on the community bulletin board, “Party in 3D, Saturday at 8pm”.

Come Saturday, people start pouring in at 8pm– by 10pm, 200 people are jam-packed into your sardine box of an abode, overflowing out the balcony. They’re talking, drinking, dancing– really, really enjoying themselves. It couldn’t be going any better. As you wind through the crowd, making sure everyone’s cup runneth over, random guests cheer you on,

“Great party!”

“Really happening!”

“Wicked music!”

Come Sunday, your apartment looks like Katrina ran into King Kong throwing a hissy fit. But, hey, you don’t care, cause you just threw the party of the century. Mission accomplished…


Monday morning, as you sing to yourself in the most un-Mercury voice possible, “We Are the Champions”, you set off to work. As the elevator doors slide open, you meet a few of the party goers, who begin raving about your shindig.

“That was epic, Mike!”

“It was totally insane, John!”

“DUUUUUDE, it was fierce!”

By now, you should be stoked– and you would be, if…

Your name was Mike or John, or it wasn’t so obvious that ‘DUUUUUDE’ was an eponym for ‘I don’t know your name’.

See, the problem is, though it was a kick ass party, and everyone who was anyone was there…

No one knows you. They ‘liked’ your party, but who doesn’t like a party?

If you really wanted them to know you, remember you and actually interact with you again, you’d probably have fared better throwing a small dinner party for a few people in 3C and 3E. The week after, you’d invite Mrs. O’Mally and the Browns, whom you met at the mail boxes s a few days ago, over for tea.

Replace yourself with a brand, and the party guest with social media followers. Social media is more social than it is media– you can have 1,000,000 people love your page, but that doesn’t mean those 1,000,000 people really know you or care about you.

News flash: People are humans, and humans form relationships through one-on-one interactions. Those interactions are predominantly based on you getting to know them too– ie, seeking their presence in your life necessitates you giving a damn about theirs.

Brands today deal with social media as if it was a billboard space. They think its enough to boost a post, and get more ‘likes’. But in the end, those ‘likes’ are a faceless number of clicks. And as much as ‘numbers’ are the mantra of marketeers, quantity is the LAST thing social media is about.

Because social media’s greatest advantage, is it allows brands to get up close and personal. It takes brands from talking TO a consumer, to conversing WITH a person– having 100 people you know and speak with is infinitely more valuable than having a whole sea of followers who, you aren’t even sure, are really people with whom you want to engage.

The biggest culprit of this massive catastrophe, ironically, is the inventor of social media; to be social, a brand MUST be on Facebook, but…

The way Facebook taught brands to be social, has them acting more like immature frat brothers, than grown-up adult holding a mature conversation. Which, shouldn’t be a shocking surprise, given its founder just graduated a few years ago, and, like his other 20-something Silicon Valley compadres, deals with social and the business of it, as such.

But, for you marketeers out there who still love your numbers, let’s talk fact: on average, less than 1% of your followers are ‘talking about’ you. Worse, if you scroll through people who ‘like’ posts you’ve boosted, you’ll find more than a couple of Juanitas from Guatamala and Marias from Mexico– which would be so bloody brilliant if you weren’t a hunting store selling fishing lines in Cardiff.

The problem is compounded by brands rambling on with posts that offer no significant value to social media followers– in the pre-digital era of media, we called that ‘filling dead air’. Brands think by keeping up these posts, they are being socially ‘active’ and ‘engaging’ their followers.

But engagement is a two-way activity… and it’s the brand’s job to listen more than speak. The incentive to keep your followers in that engagement is recognizing and sharing the content and insights they provide you.

Because a successfully social brand doesn’t have an audience of millions; it has a front row seat in the audience of 100 people— and it is listens to each one of those 100 everytime they speak. Further, a brand that really capitalizes on social media uses its own pages to post content from each of those one hundred.

The payoff being quite self-evident: if a brand recognizes each of those 100, and they each have at least 500 friends in their social networks, that means genuine brand exposure to and engagement with 50,000 others…think about it, when a brand shares a follower’s content on its own page, that follower will share his or her recognized content with their own networks.

To cut a long and very twisted story short… having the most ‘likes’ might make brands feel secure about their social status in the digital world. But that insecurity should have probably waned their in sophomore year at the University of Grow Up. Punning the words of that ever-so-famous cereal rabbit, “Eh, ‘likes’ are for kids.”



A cello

That weeps.

My heart,

The base.

That beats.

The tears form into


on the staff

Of my life.

They hear music

In the pain.

Crying has a rhythm.

It is a melody

Of happiness

Overcome by pain and sadness,

The gods clap for me.

I have not asked

To lead the orchestra,

I have not asked to compose

Any movements.

I am too still.

I don’t know how notes become a tune,

Perhaps it is the vicious cycle of my doom.

The bow, Fate,

Grating against the strings of my will

Wearing them away


they break.

But a cello cannot play itself.

The masterpiece,

What is it?

I value not the legacy of it.

I seek nothing from fame.

Who are the hands

That play it?

Where is the audience

Who will feel it?

The cello awaits.

The bow grates.

It’s so sad,

It weeps so badly,

My heart is the base.

Hear me,

Hear me,

I am not loud,

It is the echo of my sob.

Do I exist?

Do I exist?

If I do,

I am so frightfully scared.


In Me Alone, Veritas

No sarcasm. No snide remarks to mask the sting.

It’s 7:48 in Cairo. I have a few days off work. And after pulling 80 hour weeks for the past 6 months, you’d think I’d be running around like a highschool quarterback on spring break in Fort Lauderdale, both arms raised, hands in a V-shape, screaming , ‘wooooohoooooo!’

Turns out, not so much.

Listening to Florence and the Machine’s ‘Shake it Out’ (the acoustic version), the lyrics have cornered me into facing what I have worked so hard not to face.

The truth.

“And it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back
And given half the chance would I take any of it back
It’s a fine romance but it’s left me so undone
It’s always darkest before the dawn”

As her voice reverberates, it echoes hard through the room. Though it hasn’t shattered the glass vases, the glasses windows or the ugly porcelain ashtray I made when I was 5, it has shattered my ability to fight facing me.

A CEO of a major company, I can face.
A guy with an ego extending from Zeus, I can face off.
Anything opposing me, people…

I can face.

Except myself.

What is it exactly that is so horrible about me that I cannot face? Unfortunately, it’s not a Freudian demon spawning from not being breast fed.

I wasn’t breast fed. I’m okay with that.

It’s not my terrible failure at a career. Been there, done that, got the titles.

Turns out career titles are like book titles.

They’re just titles.

It’s not achieving success. Been there, got that.

Turns out success is like a beautiful woman.

They’re sexy for about ten minutes.

It’s not having found ‘my other half’.

Anyone who is looking for that has a bigger problem- if you are half a person, you should be out looking for your own other half.

It’s not nasty relationships. The men in my life were not assholes. Truth be told, they could never ‘do anything to me’, because I never allowed it.

They just didn’t work out. I wasn’t ready. They weren’t ready. What bonded us together was no being ready. You can see why it only worked well for a limited time only.

What I have to face is much harder, harsher and remains the most infinitely unaccomplished quest in all of human history.

‘What do I want?’.

Being a coward of proportionately stupendous arrogant levels, I circumvented this quest by a process of elimination- yes, I flipped the quest on its head and did a Yoda, asking myself,

‘Want I what not?’.

See, the idea is by filtering out and saying no to everything you don’t want, you arrive at what you do want.

In theory.

In reality, you end up saying no to so many things that you aren’t traveling light, you are traveling weightless.

And there’s a difference.

Because some of the things you weeded out and threw in the ‘not want’ pile were threads that lead to other ‘not wants’ that lead to other ‘not wants’ that one day, lead to ‘oh, my God, I want it!’

But, I didn’t realize that until now. So, I’ve got a real conundrum on my hands. How the fuck do I figure out what I want when I don’t have any don’t wants lying around that may lead me there?

In physics, the laws of the universe and nature, something cannot come from nothing.

I’m no physicist, but I’m pretty sure they’re right. After all, if they weren’t, I would be cornered right now.

I love many things- and each one of them gives me something I want, and each one of them ignites a passion within me- a happiness that is beyond being expressed by metaphors, similes and literary devices used to prostitute emotions.

Cooking, singing, painting, writing, exploring, traveling, philosophy, economics, discussing God, debating politics, anaylizing the complexities of simplicities- from the commonalities of human universals, to the idiosyncrasies of individual cultures…

Centuries ago, there was something called ‘the Renaissance Man’- a Francis Bacon, a DaVinci, a Jefferson- men who didn’t have a ‘specialty’, but diversified their talents into both science and the arts, into the psychological and physiological, into the abstract of the art and the preciseness of science.

I don’t know how they did that. Of all the manifestos and essays they left behind for us to study, the one thing they didn’t leave behind is ‘Becoming a Renaissance Man for Dummies’.

If I wasn’t at such the ridiculously mature age of 38 (mind you, the age is mature, I don’t claim the girl wearing it is anymore befitting of it than a 5 year old playing dress up in her mother’s stiletto heals), my quest would be well justified and tolerable. It would be rational, healthy and a step closer to self-actualizing my being.

But at 38, it’s one of the most embarrassing diseases known to society. A mid-life crisis.

At this point, I’d be more comfortable to admit I have crabs or chlamydia.

What’s even more bloody sick, is that I still have hope. I do, honestly. It’s a bit worn out, but the soles are still in tact. I can still walk in my hope without too much blistering.

Because that’s all I can do now. Walk. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m walking. When I’m eating, I’m walking.

But, as I do walk along, when I come to an intersection of choices, I am not going to choose one by process of elimination. I am going to choose one because I want to go down that path.

Not because I want what is down that path.

But because what I want is somehow connected to that path.

If that doesn’t make sense, it might have to do with the wine I’m drinking as I write this.

Don’t worry though, it makes sense to me. And that’s really the only one who has to get it.

Dear Me-at-Menopause-20-Years-From-now


You haven’t changed a bit- you look just like you did at 38.

Be sure and thank Dr. 90210. He did a great job.

The whole hot flashes thing passed. Your ovaries dried up- but, hey… at least your cash didn’t, right?

I told you a long time ago that you had to fuck it all up and self-destroy to self-build; not just once in your life- you do it several times over. What you were had to die in order to make room for who you were going to be.

Thus, it follows, the same will happen over the next 20 years.

But you are prepared for it, as you well know it is not what happens to you that makes or breaks you, but your perception of it that does. ‘Bad’ does not exist, in as much as ‘good’ doesn’t- these are the figments of our biggest illusion, the mind. There is only reality and truth.

Reality, being that which is physically observable.
Truth, being what is spiritually observable.

You’ve kept your eyes open, having had the intelligence to observe the reality of all that is around you.
You’ve kept your soul open, so by now, you’ve been blessed to observe the truth that binds all which is around you.

And through it all, you’ve passionately lived each moment, as you never forgot to keep your heart open.

You’ve grown to appreciate the wisdom you’ve received as a result- you know that reality is transient and constantly changes… leaves will grow, turn a vivid emerald green and wither into a curled skeleton of drabness…

20 year olds will have the vitality to do the things they can’t at 70, yet 70 year olds will have the wisdom to do those things better than at 20…

Winter drifts into spring, spring extroverts into summer and summer falls, well, into fall.

Truth, though, is what is constant. And this is why you have made that your foundation. You may have moved from one reality to the next, but truth…

Is your inertia.

Regardless of time and space in which your current reality is, truth is the law of human physics that propels or impedes your ability to keeping moving through that reality.

It is because of all of the above, that you have triumphed over your weaker self… as there is no battle, nor any enemy, greater than that which challenges you from within…

It is because of all of the above that you have destroyed what you knew to relearn new ways… as by changing patterns of thought, you have found nothing strange, and everything comfortably familiar…

It is because of all of the above that you’ve decided who you are… as the importance of that does not lie in awards, promotions or career titles.

It lies in no domain but your own.

And hey-

If Madonna is still wearing a cone bra (a little lower granted),
If Mark Zuckerberg is still changing facebook to be (air quotes) more user friendly (air quotes),
If Apple can invent the iGasm for women,
If Israel and Iran are now allied against the United States,
And Matt LeBlanc finally got at least 1 more than 2 seasons before a sitcom of his tanks…

Rest assured.
It so isn’t over.
You still have a lot to do.
Keep it real.
Make it true.

Dear 14 Year Old Me, I Won’t Tell You…

Dear Me-at-Fourteen,

I won’t tell you that what you really want to do is kill the guilt you carry, not yourself. I won’t tell you the standards you think you fail to live up to, in truth, fail to live up to you.

I won’t tell you, if you knew who you were going to be, you’d get that.

I won’t tell you not to be frightened that you won’t be loved, nor that you should relax because it will all be okay. I won’t tell you that what people think of you doesn’t matter, or that the reality is, how you think of yourself is inevitably how people think of you.

I won’t tell you, you’re better than good enough, you’re not ugly, that you are incredibly determined and can do anything you put your mind to.

I won’t tell you that as much as you are your worst enemy, you are your greatest ally.

I won’t tell you to let go of everything, as that is when it all comes to you. I won’t tell you that ‘want’ is heroin- addictive, escapism and lethal to your soul.

That with getting what you ‘want’, it usually turns out to bring with it the most unwanted results.

I won’t tell you that once you accept the mind is the biggest false thought you’ve created that nothing, abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING, owns you or scares you- because fear isn’t real, it is a sub-fictional byproduct of that monstrous creation, the mind.

I won’t tell you that when you feed off of love, not fear, you will seek to understand things and people, rather than judge them; you will see that ugly isn’t anything but the strangest and rarest of beauty; you will see that the duality of ‘good/bad’, ‘worthy/unworthy’, success/failure and the likes don’t exist. That just like the dark is the absence of light, evil is the absence of good- the truth isn’t divided, it is eclipsed by the absence of the truthful.

I won’t tell you that you are angry because you believe in God too much, but believe too little in yourself. I won’t tell you faith is one part of the total equation- as much as your overall destiny may be powered by a Universal Energy, the path you choose to walk down is totally a choice of free will.

I won’t tell you that you are not supposed to follow the path that ‘normal’ people do, I won’t tell you that normal isn’t anything more than what we’re used to, a habit at best.

I won’t tell you that you will never stop making mistakes, and that those mistakes are what wake you up from deviating from your path. I won’t tell you that the reason you haven’t found your ‘other half’ is because you are a whole person already and whoever you do find needs to be more in love with life than with you.

Because that is the secret to staying together. To love life more than you love one another. You’ll never stop having things to share or experiences that bring you together.

And the only reason I am not going to tell you any of these things, is because if I did, you would not struggle and go through all you must go through in order to arrive to where you are today.

Don’t change.
Fuck it up.
Shit all over what’s in front of you now.

I promise you, it’s not indicative of the doom of your destiny. It is the process chiseling your marble soul. It has to hurt.

But when you stand back, and see the sculpture, just you wait. You’ll be proud of what you’ve shaped and found underneath all that unnecessary excess marble.

Merry Karma Karma Chameleon!

Karma is a not a bitch. Karma is THE bitch.

And thus, my friends, let us raise our glasses and toast her on this very holy holiday, Karma Karma Chameleon…

Let us rejoice that the underdog never remains under, but rises to become topdog…

Let us remember that revenge, like a Tiffany’s wedding band, can only come in full circle.

Let us pour water over our burning bellys, inflamed by the unfair, the greedy and the self-centered.

Cause, you just know, Karma is gonna get






Whether you believe or don’t karma does exist- in fact, is even proven via one of the most prevalent laws of physics:

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

And in all the omnipotence we believe ourselves to possess- the power that advertising, the entertainment industry and the media world at large have eluded us to believe we have- to date, no man nor woman, in all human history has won the struggle for power when it comes to Karma.

Baby, even Superman dares not to fly in her face.

Let this also be a day that reminds us, out of kind acts come compassionate awards… the consideration for the other is the consideration for the ‘me’… from honing our intentions towards the good, comes the sharpened sword that defends us from the bad.

You can get what you want without having to take it away from someone else…

And if that person took it away from you, be certain, not just in the fact that it will be taken away from him, but in your hands will be placed something you may not have wanted, but will want once you experience it.

Those who don’t believe this is the truth have yet to experience Karma’s grace. Those who believe this is the truth have definitely experienced Karma’s wrath. As kind as she is, is as nasty as she is- yet her nastiness is motivated by kindness. For she is all of us, and we are all her limbs and eyes and mouth and body. She is not an ‘I’ in as much as neither are any of us.

To Karma.
THE Bitch.
Let us raise our glasses…